SipeSystem Disabled Posture Support Dress
SipeSystem Disabled Posture Support Dress
SipeSystem Disabled Posture Support Dress
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SipeSystem Disabled Posture Support Dress

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It is a child rehabilitation clothing designed to facilitate sensory therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation practices at rehabilitation centers, hospitals and homes for physically handicapped children.

Dueto the special design, the child wearing the SipeSystem Posture Support Dress starts to distribute the load starting from the legs. 

Due to its design that wraps around the child, the load is not only transported to one area. It prevents the load from being carried only to the armpits and groins.

Especially the throat part is designed not to harm the child. Thanks to the deep V-neck design, pressure on the throat is prevented.

The outfit is designed to make it easy to put on and take off. It does not require any settings.

SipeSystem Posture Support Clothing is produced from a special fabric that called cirt velcro.

Due to its special design, it hugs the body.

Ergonomic, Easy to wear.

It supports posture due to its tight wrap.

Provides positioning.

It gives confidence.

It provides an upright posture.

It is soft. 

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