About Us

We care about children!

Every child need support. Learning starts with games and in a social environment.

We support our children's participation in active life with SipeSystem.

We offer the opportunity for play and social life.

We facilitate physiotherapy, sensory therapy and all training programs.

We offer positioning and active movement for all sessions.

Supine, prone, sitting, crawling, laptop, standing and walking exercises can be done.

This supports both physical and mental development.

Training is not delayed because he/she cannot sit, physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions are more efficient as positioning and exercises can be done more easily.

We support active living.

It supports the active life of the child at home. Due to the easy-to-wear clothing, the child can practice sitting, crawling, standing and walking exercises more easily and for a long time.

We are trying our best to be with you at all times.

SipeSystem was developed in order to always be with you in the rehabilitation centers, hospitals, home and play grounds. It is designed to add convenience to your life with easy use. Now it's easier to spend time with your child and have fun!